New Album by Corey Stewart and Rhymeworks available now .

This is the link for a new free album of songs from Corey Stewart and Rhymeworks . Hope you enjoy a listen.



New Release

This is a track from my new album "Latitudes" recently released on Bandcamp , Tunecore , iTunes , and numerous digital stores online . Hope you enjoy a listen and enjoy and share

Bandcamp Rhymeworks.

A Train to San Sebastian

New album release by Corey Stewart and Rhymeworks .

We hope you enjoy the new album release by Corey Stewart and Rhymeworks . Find it on Bandcamp , . 

Where to find Rhymeworks.

Rhymeworks Music and Videos can be found on Bandcamp,Tunecore, Soundcloud, Facebook and YouTube. See the Links page for details. You are welcome to share any of our music and videos. Hope you enjoy a look and listen at our work.

My latest album , released in July , 2016 , available now on Bandcamp.

This is the video for my track "The Groovespring" Hope you enjoy and share it.

Video for my original piece " SPACEWALK ".

I wanted to do a track without any guitar. This is the result.

OUT THERE , original music and video from Rhymeworks . Fun with my Ibanez Artist .

Hope you enjoy this tune from Corey Stewart and Rhymeworks.

Better Life is a song that I wrote a while back and recorded in 2015.